Conventional EDM 

Manual Series


Work Table Size Inches 24 X 12
X travel Inches 12
Y Tavel Inches 8
Z Travel; Inches 8
W Travel Inches 8
Ram Platen To Work Table Inches 7 - 23
Max Electrode Weight Lbs 132
Max Worpiece Weight Lbs 1210
Work Tank (WxDxH) Inches 33 x 20 x 12
Weight Of Machine Unit Lbs 2310
Machine Outside Dimensions (WxDxH) Inches 60 x 63 x 86

Machine may vary from pictured image.

Dielectric Tank Model D320

Dielectric Tank Capacity Gallons 63.4
Dielectric Tank Pump HP 0.5HP x 1
Dielectric Tank Net Weight Lbs Built In
Dielectric Tank Filter Method   Paper Filter
Dielectric Tank Outside Dimensions (WxDxH) Inches Built In


Max Machining Current 20-amps
Peak current range 1-32
Number of peak current selections 7
Number of leads 1
Arc duration range .5 to 1800 µseconds
Overcut (infinitely variable) .0005”/side
Maximum metal removal rate (20 amp):
Negative electrode (graphite/steel)
Positive electrode (graphite/steel)
1.2 cu. in./hour
0.55 cu. in./hour
Best surface finish 16 µinch Ra
EDM controls Arc Duration, % On-Time, Peak Current, Polarity, Electrode Material
Servo controls Auto, Manual, Dither, Edge-Finder, Servo Speed, Gap Adjust