Wire Cut EDM 




Max Workpiece Dimensions (WxDxH) Inches 27.9528 X 22.0472 X 8.0709
Max Workpiece Weight LBS 660
X Travel Inches 13.7795
Y Travel Inches 9.8425
Z Travel Inches 8.2677
U Travel Inches 3.1496
V Travel Inches 3.1496
Drive Systems   AC Servo Motor
Wire Diameter Inches 0.0059 - 0.0118 Standard
Max Taper Angle Inches +/- 24º / 3.1496
Machine Net Weight LBS 4620
Filter System Capacity Gallons 169
Filter Element   Paper Filrer
Ion Exchange Resin Capacity Galons 3.70;
Water Quality Control   Auto
Water Temoerature Control    Auto
Machine Layout Dimensions (WxDxH) Inches 80.1575 x 87.3228 x 78.3465

Machine may vary from pictured image.


Controller Device Industrial Grade Pentium 2 IPC
Memory Device CF Card
Screen Display 12.1' 800x600 Colorful TFT LCD
Input Means Keyboard, RS232, CF Card, Ethernet
Servo Control Means Full-Closed Circuit AC Servo Control
Number of Controls 5 Axes
Instruction Value (Inches) 3.93701E-05
Max Instruction Value 9999.9999 In
Pattern Rotaion 0° - 360°
Processing Condition 9999 Sets
Discharge Power Supply AC Masfet
Surface Roughness 0.3 - 0.4 μm Ra
Intelligent Ignition Power Supply Ultra-Thin, Thick Plate
Electricity Required 3 Phase, 220V-380V, 25A, 18KVA

High Thickness Cutting

Workpiece Thickness 3.9370
Wire Diameter 0.0079
Number Of Cuts 3 CUTS
Total Cutting Time 4.5 Hours

Standard Accessories

Optional Accessories

Auto Vertical Alignment Lig / 1 Set Wire Tension Meter
Tool Kit / 1 Set Wire Guide ø(0.0059in , 0.0098in, 0.0138in)
Wire Guide ø.009842in / 1 Set Dielectric Cooling Unit
Brass Wire Roll ø.009842in / 1 Set Consumable Parts (Wire, Flushing Nozzles…etc)
Ion Exchange Resin / 1 Set Super Fine Finish Circuit
Filter Element / 1 Set Wire Chopper Unit
  Linear Scale (For X & Y Axis)
  Auto Voltage Regulator (AVR)
  44 Lbs Wire Loading System
  The 6ᵗʰ Axis (Rotary B-Axis)